Ramblings: the Vegas power play; the Montreal blue line; the superstar heading overseas; Staal/MoJo swap – September 17

Michael Clifford


We've seen lots of young players head overseas as their teams try to continue their development, and that makes all the sense in the world with so much time between last season and next season. I also saw Joe Thornton went back to Davos where he played during the lockout but he hasn't suited up in a game yet.

And then there's this:



That's a significant player heading overseas to get into some games.

I've talked about the NHL's 2020-21 timeline before, and this is another point in the column for the next regular season not starting anytime soon (and by that, I mean anytime in 2020). Players that get eliminated in a normal regular season sometimes go to the World Championships, but those finish by the end of May. It still gives players three months, effectively, to recover for the next season. It's not to say there'll be three months between whenever Drai leaves Germany and the next NHL season, but I don't imagine Draisaitl leaves to go play in Germany if he and the Oilers are expecting the league to start back up in 10 weeks, as was their initial plan.

[edit: he’s not able to play games officially as of yet. For now, like Thornton, he’ll be going for training next month.]


In a straight-up trade, the Wild and Sabres swapped Marcus Johansson and Eric Staal. The former had 30 points in 60 games last year while Staal had 19 goals and 47 points in 66 games.

I’m going to go more in-depth in my next Ramblings but