Ramblings – Strategy for Drafting Defensemen in Keeper Leagues; What the Leafs, Yotes, Wild and Panthers are doing (Oct 11)



The Fantasy Prospects Report was re-released 10 days ago. Updates, new profiles, the Mock Draft – and then on the weekend I updated all the draftees and denoted their draft team and position, as well as linked them back and forth to their team. It makes for great and easy navigation, you'll love the new change.

And because the NHL and NHLPA announced a new goal of beginning the season January 1st, I will no longer be releasing my Fantasy Guide in pieces. I will release the entire thing on October 30. Because players are slow to sign this year, I may not get the Guide all done by then, but I will try and I should be able to get most of the teams in. And certainly by the following week it will be complete. Right now I recommend that most keeper leagues tentatively schedule drafts in December. But just in case you're early I will have the Guide and Draft List out for November. Pick up the Keeper League Fantasy Pack and get both for a great price. Thanks for your support! These aren't easy times, but fortunately I was preparing financially for a lockout…this is kind of similar in terms of disrupting fantasy hockey.


I had some interesting feedback from this weekend's Top 50 Fantasy Prospect Defensemen list (here). It centers around my ranking Jamie Drysdale so "low". Using my +/-5.0 rating points rule, he ranks 24th to 40th. One argument was that his upside was higher than Bowen Byram's. Another figured that Connor Timmins and Bode Wilde shouldn't be higher. One person said that Drysdale and Jake Sanderson would be drafted high in his keeper league. These are all good and very valid arguments. I want to share and expand on my responses with you here because it is all about strategy (and you should follow me on Twitter for more discussions and