Fantasy Hockey Poll: Who Will Get The Crease?

Rick Roos


One of many important features of the DobberHockey Fantasy Guide (available for order here) is that for every team Dobber provides a confidence level of one goalie being the starter. This season, Dobber sees ten teams (nine, not counting Dallas where there's an injury situation going into the season) for which there is a 75% or less confidence level in one goalie being the starter.  What that means is in those cases it is more likely to be a 1A/1B situation in net, whereby both goalies end up seeing action in 40-60% of their team's games, assuming they each stay healthy all season and the 2020-21 campaign is neither made more compacted nor does it undergo any other changes that would affect how often goalies might play.

But if history is any indication, not all nine teams will end up having a 1A/1B situation, as instead one of the two will outplay the other to an extent such that he gets the majority of starts.  The magic question is, for which of the nine squads will someone emerge in this manner?  That's up to you to decide.

Your task is to vote for the goalies on these nine teams you think will end up starting 60% or more of their team's games in 2020-21, which, to put into perspective, would equate to 50 starts in a regular 82 game season.  As far as voting rules, you can vote for as many goalies – or as few – as you want, provided you think each netminder for whom you cast a vote will start 60% or more of his team's games this for the 2020-21 campaign. So that means you can vote for as many as nine goalies if indeed you think one from each of the nine tandems will start 60%+ of his team's games.  But if you believe both of the listed goalies from all nine listed teams will start 41-59% of their team's games, you should opt for the "none of the above" choice.  


As always, although these polls are meant to be enjoyable, please vote objectively so that fellow Dobberites can look to the results to help shape decisions they'll be making in terms of keepers, on draft day, or as early free agent grabs for 2020-21. With all that out of the way, here are the actual 18 (i.e., nine pairs of) choices, listed alphabetically by their team and then by their last name.  I won't actually identify their percentages of being the starter – you'll have to buy the Guide for that precious information….


Carolina HurricanesPetr Mrazek and James Reimer

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