Ramblings – The lowdown on Kaprizov, top PIM projections, where Fiala, Larson, Bjorkstrand, Barzal and Meier rank, Marco Rossi and more (Dec 14)



The 15th annual Fantasy Hockey Guide is out and ready for download! Draft List too!

The NHL and NHLPA are now targeting a January 13 start and a 56-game season. Last Wednesday I re-posted the Fantasy Guide with 56-game projections. Simply re-download your copy in the Downloads section to access the latest Guide.

Thank you everyone who have already purchased. Sales have been tough this year and you guys have come through huge. Much, much appreciated. I know it's been a fun and helpful read even with no hockey these past several months. Hopefully when the NHL schedule comes out sales can make up some lost ground!


I feel like, starting this week, the hockey news will come at us fast and furious and there will be no shortage of material for the Ramblings. So, in the spirit of considering this week my last week where finding good material is tough – I turned to Twitter to answer some great questions. Let's get started!

This depends on your categories and if your league is a keeper or a one-year. He should go immediately after Lafreniere in a keeper league, and ahead of him in a one-year league. I have him ranked in the mid-60s among skaters in my Draft List. If your league leans heavy on points and ignores peripherals, then he's sixth rou