Fantasy Hockey Poll: Biggest Falls from Fantasy Grace

Rick Roos


Every NHL player peaks at some point in his career. From there, usually, the downward descent is slow, with it being several more seasons before he either retires or ceases to become fantasy relevant. There are exceptions though, which is where this month's poll comes in.

Each of the 20 listed players tasted significant fantasy success, only to then come back to earth with a crashing thud. And, in most cases, it's all but assured they'll never taste the same level of fantasy success again. It's up to you to decide which of these players had the biggest falls from fantasy grace – that is, the five players who have been the biggest disappointments since their fantasy peak.

How should you measure each player versus the others? Looking at stats is of course key; but what also matters are the expectations that accompanied the player and how far short he fell. For example, if a player had a great season but most figured even at the time it was a fluke, then him failing to subsequently play at an elite level is less of a disappointment. Similarly, it's fair to say that the later in one's career a player peaked, the generally less glaring it is for him to have not performed as well thereafter. In short, level setting matters.

Injuries also are a factor to consider, as if a player was seemingly on the fast track to sustained fantasy stardom but was derailed by injuries – think Mike Green – then he's arguably less of a disappointment than another player who remained healthy but simply underperformed. What about players who performed poorly after getting traded? That's up to you to decide how to factor, although if they were truly elite then I'd think a change in scenery should not have stood in the way of sustained success. Lastly, although in some cases these players had their "fall from grace" several or even many years ago, when it actually happened does not matter, only how far they fell and how unexpected it was that they did.

Now that you know the bases on which to cast your votes, here are the 20 voting choices, listed alphabetically. You should choose the five whom you believe had the biggest falls from fantasy grace. The voting link is at the end of the column.