Fantasy Hockey Poll: Young Defencemen with the Brightest Offensive Futures

Rick Roos


If it seems like we're in an age of amazingly talented young defensemen, it's because we are. Rasmus Dahlin had the best teen season output for a rearguard in almost 40 years, which is also as long as it had been since the last time two defensemen (Cale MakarQuinn Hughes) who were age 21 or younger scored at a 0.75 point pace in the same season. Quite a few of the Top 50 Defensemen prospects have tasted NHL action thus far, but which of the NHL's promising young d-men ultimately will have had the best single season outputs when all is said and done?

That's where today's poll comes in. You'll be voting on which five of the 20 voting choices will have the highest single season point outputs by the time their careers are over. By that I don't mean which five will have the most total points – I'm talking about who'll rank one through five in best single season output (i.e., points, not points per game pace) between now and the end of their career.

To be clear, you shouldn't vote for fewer than five if you think a player will have more than one of the top five single season outputs – this is for the five best outputs from five different d-men. Suppose you think that of the top five outputs, two will be by the same player. That doesn't mean you should vote for that player and just three others. Only a player's best single season counts, so you should vote for that player and the four others you believe will have the next four best single season outputs among the 20 choices. Hopefully that makes sense.

Lastly, to narrow things down I limited the options to just players who are currently age 25 or younger and who have played at least one game thus far in 2020-21. Here are the 20 voting choices, listed in alphabetical order. The link to cast your votes will be at the end of the column.

Rasmus Andersson – Although it could've been realistic to foresee Andersson skating over 21:00 per game this season, who'd have thought 3:30+ of that would be PP time? If it seems like a stretch to think of Andersson in the same league as these other youngsters, keep in mind that Mark Giordano posted 74 points in 78 games for Calgary a couple of seasons ago,