Ramblings – Crosby’s long-term outlook, Robertson’s rising value, McDavid to 150 – and more (Mar 22)



For the 13th time in the last 14 years, I released the annual Midseason Guide. Released 10 days ago – this is still pretty relevant, and should be for another week or so. Complete with projections, line combinations, goaltender analysis, peripherals, NCAA and Euro free agents. And much more. Pick it up here.


Sidney Crosby has 13 points in his last 10 games. Now that he's 33, I am finding that his owners are bailing on him in keeper leagues. Generally speaking, I think owners bail on star players at age 32 or 33, figuring that they'll fall off a cliff soon and they don't want to be stuck with him. They don't want to be left standing with a chair when the music stops. Let me assure you – Crosby will continue to post numbers greater than a point-per-game next season, the one after that, and the one after that. He's a generational player and for those players you can knock four years off their age and treat them accordingly. Under my 'generational-player formula' that I just made up right now, Crosby is 29. A deal can be had in your dynasty league. You can get a reliable, productive player for much cheaper than he should be. The only caveat is that you will have trouble getting value for him in a trade if you decide to move in him next year or in the future. So when you get him, just keep in mind that you are getting a guy who will be on your team for good – and only truly tradeable at trade deadlines when owners are desperate and ready to meet your price.


Nikita Gusev was given four games by Coach Lindy Ruff. But three of those games he saw about 10 minutes each. On Saturday he was finally given 15:30, with four minutes of PP time and was unable to get anything going. So Sunday he was again made a healthy scratch. It's not looking for the 28-year-old, who would have a nice contract and plenty of playing time waiting for him at home in Russia next season. I acquired him last week when his price was rock bottom, so I hope he stays. As a UFA, maybe another team will give him the right opportunity. And maybe the Devils will trade him at the deadline (April 12). But my hopes are