Frozen Tools Forensics: Popular home page searches

Chris Kane


It has been a while since we have specifically looked at some of the wide-ranging offers that Frozen Tools really has. We have been using it to answer specific questions for, but I wanted to take a moment and check back in on some of the basic info we can access, and some of the trends it can help us identify. So, for this week:

Frozen Tool Forensics: There's No Place Like Home

Our first stop? You might have guessed it: The Home Page. There are a number of new features since last we reviewed. As a reminder though the page contains a wide variety of links for each team. It has full team stats, depth charts, advanced stats, line combos for recent games, and tweeted practice lines, as well as prospect info. The same section also gives a quick glimpse to the team's hot and cold players. We have used this section before to pull players to review and check out their sustainability.

Some additional features that we haven't touched on include, projected and confirmed goalie starters, game day previews and box scores, the most viewed player profile pages, and a build your own chart feature. We will be touching on a few of these over the next articles, but for today we are going to hit "Yesterday's Most Viewed Player Profile Pages".

I think the title of the section pretty clearly defines what is going on here. The question then is, what can we do with this information and how is it helpful? By keeping tabs on this section, we know what managers are searching for, and what players they are most interested in learning more about. These are the 'trending' players if you will and it can be a bit of a shortcut if you are a manager without infinite time on your hand. It is a way to flag what has been happening in the league and allows you to get a step on your opponents.

For this week we are going to do just that. We are going to check out the list, see what it highlights and figure out if there are any actions to take.

A couple of process notes. This article comes out on Friday, meaning it is written on Thursday. Since I am writing on Thursday and the list is from 'yesterday' that means I will be looking at the most reviewed profiles from Wednesday. By the time you read this on Friday, the list could be somewhat different depending on what has happened Thursday night. I also won't be including Thursday night games when talking about player performance as they haven't happened yet. Oh, and I will also be using each player's player profile to pull the data we are going to be talking about.

And now on to the list.

  1. Filip Gustavsson
  2. Dustin Tokarski
  3. Martin Jones
  4. Connor Hellebuyck
  5. Oliver Wahlstrom
  6. Jason Robertson