Ramblings: Necas; Saros; Oilers; AHL All-Rookie Team; Cap Rankings & More (May 26)

Alexander MacLean


The Oilers getting swept out of the playoffs early Tuesday morning was not something that most of us projected. Edmonton outplayed Winnipeg, and the Jets barely led at all in the last three games. It could have gone either way, and I really hope this is the real kick in the pants that Edmonton management needs to re-look at their goaltending this summer. There are a lot of workable options, and they even have a few internal competitors like Stuart Skinner and Ilya Konovalov who should get a look in training camp. Mike Smith (UFA) and Mikko Koskinen (one year remaining) are not the answer. Ideally Koskinen could be dumped or bought out to make room for some real competition in the crease moving forward.


Sticking with Edmonton for another minute, they don't need to re-sign Tyson Barrie, and even though my projections have him under a $5 million AAV on his next contract, they have internal options to promote and fill that void, and can use the free-agency budget elsewhere. The rest of the contract projections I'll look to publish in next week's Ramblings. In the meantime, if you want to know about a specific player or two, drop a comment or find me on Twitter @alexdmaclean.


Last Edmonton note, stop trying to create a debate that Connor McDavid isn't the best player in the league. I would trade Mackinnon and be happy to add something worthwhile to land McDavid. He’s head and shoulders above anyone else.


The AHL all-star team was released yesterday, and there were a few familiar names on it.

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