Ramblings: Recapping the Seattle Expansion Draft – July 22

Michael Clifford


The Seattle Kraken officially rounded out their roster, in most regards, with the Expansion Draft on Wednesday night. The thing is, a lot of the picks were leaked all throughout the day on Twitter. Thanks to Frank Seravalli, formerly of TSN and now of DFO who seems to have a pretty good source inside Seattle, we got a lot of picks through the day. The official list is here:

 I want to talk about some of these selections because there were some intriguing ones.

Despite some potential leaks around social media, Seravalli confirmed that it wouldn't be Alex Kerfoot being taken by Seattle from Toronto, but rather Jared McCann. It always made more sense to take the better, younger, controlled player, and here we are.

Of course, this is a big loss for the Leafs, even if McCann wasn't in the lineup last year. He could have been an immediate replacement for Zach Hyman, could be used as a third-line centre, and is very good on the power play. These are all things the Leafs need, and they lost them all because they wanted to protect Justin Holl. We will see if it's worth it.

Seattle shored up what very well could be their top pair. It leaked that they had selected and signed Adam Larsson and Jamie Oleksiak, the latter to a five-year, $4.6M AAV deal and former to a 4x$4M. Both players are effectively the same guy: defence-first defencemen that can be relied upon for at least top-4 minutes. Neither is that old with Oleksiak and Larsson turning 29 in December and November, respectively. Having these guys around for a few years while the team rounds itself out isn't a bad idea. Keep in mind that Larsson put up nearly 300 hits+blocks in 56 games this year playing 19:39 a night, while Oleksiak was just under 260 in 56 games playing nearly 20:30 a night. What kind of peripherals do these guys have if they are each playing 22-23 minutes a night? Keep them in mind, multi-cat leaguers.  

Alex True was the selection from San Jose. I thought they might go with Dylan Gambrell, but I like the pick of True here. He is a 6-foot-5 centre with a good set of hands and that combination is rare. He needs more work on his game to round out, so maybe he has an outside shot at a regular roster spot this year. But honestly, I would wait another year. It just feels like he needs a bit more development.