Frozen Tools Forensics: Looking Back to Vegas’s First Year to Look Forward to Seattle’s

Chris Kane


With Seattle on the brain, we turn to expansion teams. This will be a bit less about Seattle's current draft list (which is likely to change before opening night) and more about doing a little expectation setting. We will start by digging into our last example of an expansion team entering into the league and see what we can learn from their inaugural season. We are going to focus this article on the top six forwards to try and determine what impacts the move had for those players.

This week on Frozen Tools Forensics: Looking Back To Look Forward

As per usual we are going to start with a note on process. Frozen Tools has an incredibly useful feature for pulling together players for review. I am talking of course about the Compare Player feature. When you pull up the Frozen Tools home page, and open the Players drop down menu you can access the Compare Players function. This reporting format lets you type in the specific players you are looking for (say Jonathan Marchessault, William Karlsson, and Reilly Smith for example). You select the time frame and can view their data side by side. In this case we are looking at their 2016-17 seasons, and then Vegas' inaugural 17-18 season for comparison. The report gives two different tables, one for Basic Stats, and one for Expanded Stats. For the purposes of our article I copied both tables out and then selected the stat categories I most wanted to compare. These formed the tables we will be looking at below.