Ramblings – Wait Times for Drafting Goalies (Aug 2)



The Fantasy Guide is out August 14, which is a very fast turnaround (fastest ever).


Non-fantasy relevant mostly, but some thoughts on the Jack Eichel situation. For those of you who didn't know, Eichel's agents put out a statement saying they felt Eichel should have been traded by now and using some strong words pretty much said Buffalo needs to get moving ASAP.

The Buffalo Sabres have a reputation, or are quickly gaining one, of being a "garbage team" is a direct quote tweeted to me by a couple of my followers. So what can a new GM do in such a situation to try to fix that reputation? Well, for starters he can do his best to make a Jack Eichel trade a home run. Next, give Eichel his blessing to have the damn surgery. You're trading him anyway, let it happen. If the surgery screws it up that's the next team's problem. This should have been immediately – Adams dropped the ball there big time.

But – the agents were out of line. Adams can't bring down his asking price too much, other than negotiating the finer points of it. And now, with that statement, every team with an offer on the table just tweaked it downwards. Every team. Now Adams is even further away from a trade. If I'm Adams, I am absolutely enraged. I still hold the line. I want a Joe Sakic/Matt Duchene-type of patience and end result. And if the agents just made that process worse and take longer, then so be it. That's on them. If I'm Eichel, I fire the agents. Incredibly unprofessional. And if that statement was Jack Eichel's brilliant idea, then the agents need to control their client. I could go on about this ridiculousness probably forever…but I'll save that for when I'm having a few beers with my friends and I'm speaking, not typing!


Also well known by this time, but I wanted to put in my two cents – the Evander Kane situation. He was accused by an Instagram account that is apparently from his wife accusing him of betting on NHL games that he played in, among other things (like abandoning her and her child). The NHL is investigating and if this turns out to be true, I don't see how Kane plays this season (or possibly not at all – if MLB's treatment of Pete Rose is any indication). Once again, for the second straight offseason, Kane owners in keeper leagues get to worry about if they simply lose a good asse