Ramblings: McCann; Mantha; Zegras; Montreal’s Lineup, and More – October 5

Michael Clifford


We have a week left until the season starts, which doesn't provide a lot of time for people to catch up on training camp news. I get that even in the best of times, finding some minutes to research fantasy hockey can be tough for people with families, a job (or multiple), and other responsibilities. There has been a lot of important roster and lineup developments through the preseason. It is probably a good idea to take some time and go through some teams and players whose situations have changed significantly from the offseason.

Jared McCann

It has been a couple weeks of Jared McCann on the top line and top PP unit so it's easy to forget that as recently as three weeks ago, Yanni Gourde was a fringe top-100 selection in some leagues. He was the expected 1C, not McCann, but life works itself out sometimes.

Some people may think McCann's 2021 was a mirage, so a few stats from the three seasons before that, which spanned time in Pittsburgh and Florida:

The least-kind thing we can say about McCann, heading into the shortened 2021 season, was that he was a 24-year-old with a track record of second-line scoring, first-line shot rates, and good defence. That seem, uh, just fine?

Penguins coaches raved about him last year, so it seems it was just another step in his progression and now he's landed the role he's worked his whole life towards. McCann might not be a true #1 centre in the vein of Berg