Ramblings: Shutouts for Campbell, Allen & Hart; Who to Watch on the Waiver Wire & More (Nov 3)

Alexander MacLean


After Gary Bettman absolutely belly flopped in the NHL's press conference regarding the Chicago Blackhawks abuse scandal, there is another lawsuit being filed against current and former members of the Penguins.

It is horrific that these things have taken so long to be brought to light and taken seriously, but I hope that this really gets the ball rolling and makes it so that hockey culture doesn't continue to be somewhere that anything of this nature can propagate or fester. I'm very thankful for all the hard work that Rick Westhead, Katie Strang, and others are putting in to make this happen.


It sounds as though Carey Price has received the help he needed from the NHL Player's Assistance Program. Great news for him, his family, the Habs, and lastly us as fantasy owners.

Jake Allen's value takes a significant hit, while the Canadiens' skater core may see a bit of a boost, as a world-caliber goalie can do wonders to the confidence of a team – even one struggling as much as Montreal is right now.

Allen did put up the shutout against Detroit last night though, saving all 22 shots he faced on route to Montreal's third victory of the season. They play the 3-2-2 Islanders who typically play in low-scoring games, and the infirm Golden Knights in their next two games, so in the short-term Allen should retain his value.


To no one's surprise both Mo (Flow) Seider and Lucas Raymond played in game number 10 on the season, burning one of their ELC years. Keep an eye on the 40-game