Top 200 Fantasy Prospect Forwards – November, 2021



Here are the top 200 prospect forwards to own in your points-only dynasty leagues – November edition!

As always, players with a rating within +/-5.0 of each other should be considered equal and at that point become a matter of team need or personal bias (i.e. wait time vs. upside vs. certainty).

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o=offensive player, os=offensive small, p=power forward, t=two-way forward

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NovProspectTeamTypeProspect RatingOctSep
1Lucas RaymondDETo117.0415
2Cole CaufieldMONos109.011
3Trevor ZegrasANAo106.722
4Alex NewhookCOLo104.533
5Quinton ByfieldLAKp99.354
6Marco RossiMINos92.665
7Connor McMichaelWASo92.398
8Cole PerfettiWPGo91.887
9Dylan CozensBUFo90.1109
10Anton LundellFLAo88.01818
11Philip Tomasino<