Ramblings – Theodore surging, Ehlers loving the new coach, Barbashev has arrived, and more (Dec 20)




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So that escalated in a hurry. When last I Rambled (i.e. last week), the odd game started to get postponed. Now we have 17 teams off until next week in what can be considered a bit of a reboot. Every Canadian team is off.

Teams that will play two games this week: ARI, BUF, CBJ, DAL, PHI, PIT, TBL, VGK, WSH

Teams that play one game: CHI, LAK, MIN, NJD, NYI, SEA

All other teams are off. And I know a few of you have been saying "just shut everything down", but that's probably just frustration. These teams listed above still test every day, mostly negative tests. Frankly with this new COVID variant I suspect more postponements will happen in January and February. So I think we need every game completed where possible, to minimize the future ones that need rescheduling. All players are double-vaxxed and most players are asymptomatic. It's a shame that they need to quarantine, given that they feel fine, but it's about minimizing the spread. And until the Canadian government changes its views on that, the league will likely continue with that policy. Meaning, in fantasy hockey, we need to deal with the unexpected. We could set our rosters with players who have four-game weeks…but wind up with zero games played from some of those guys.

Should fantasy leagues do something about this? Nope. NHL teams have to deal with this, and fantasy is about emulating the running of a hockey team. Luck is a part of the game – both the real one and the fake one.


Washington and Vegas will come out of the Christmas break with the fewest games left to play – 49. Anaheim, Buffalo and Pittsburgh are next at 50. Boston will have the most games to squeeze in. They have 26 games under their belt, which means another 56 to play. Colorado and the Islanders will each have 55. All other teams will have between 51 and 54.

With the recent announcement that cross-border games (any games involving a US team against a Canadian team) are postponed until Christmas. The NHL now has the ability to withdraw from the Olympics.