Top 10 Players You Wish You Could Return

Tom Collins


One of the busiest times for any store post-Christmas is when they start allowing gift returns. The lineups are always insane as shoppers look to return those unwanted items or toys that broke almost as soon as they started being used.

These returns are as much of a Christmas tradition as Boxing Day sales, hanging stockings and the World Juniors. Since most stores do not accept returns on Boxing Day, many of those returns will start happening this week.  

These shoppers are lucky. They can get their money back, or exchange the gift for another similar item that is much better. 

Fantasy hockey general managers don’t have that option. Your best alternative is to simply drop the player. You can’t undo a trade unless you can find a sucker GM who is feeling in the Christmas spirit. You can’t usually exchange the player for a better option as the waiver wire would have seen those better players scooped up already. 

But what if you could exchange these disappointing players for other options?

In the spirit of Christmas and gift returns, below are 10 players that you wish you could return to the store for a different model. 

10. Tyson Barrie

At 30 years old, Barrie could be considered a vintage model, but sometimes the next-generation model is just as efficient as the older version, but many have yet to realize it. Maybe it’s nostalgic to hold on to Barrie and hope he can get back to his 60-point days, but it might be time to exchange Barrie for Evan Bouchard. Barrie is getting all the man-advantage time, but Bouchard has more goals, points, shots, hits, blocked shots, PIM and plus-minus. How long will it take before the Oilers coaching staff starts inserting Bouchard onto the power play, and thereby further reducing the value of Barrie?

9. Nikita Kucherov

This toy comes with a high price, but it’s broken for most of the year. Sure, for a couple of months every spring, it’s the best toy in the world and becomes the envy of all your friends. Then you spend the summer basking in the light of the special trophy it helped win. But it breaks down again come the fall and is useless for a while. You’re very hesitant to exchange him since he may start working again in the new year. However, if you could get another toy that works for most of the year and still puts up excellent numbers, you have to jump at the opportunity. 

8. Cole Caufield

This is a case of the shiny new toy that looked great in the box. Your friends all talked up how awesom