Ramblings: Looking Ahead to 2022 for Kyle Connor, Devon Toews, Tage Thompson, and More – January 4

Michael Clifford


With just one game in the NHL last night, there really isn't a whole lot to talk about, other than a bit of news. This is my first Ramblings of 2022 so I thought it would be a good chance to essentially build off my final Ramblings of 2021. That article covered some stats that covered calendar 2021, so this article will do the opposite and look ahead. I thought now would be a good time for some predictions.

Predictions are the name of the game in fantasy, whether it's a single day, a week, a season, or even longer. Some predictions may be bolder than others, but it's important to get these thoughts down on digital paper. It can help talk through some thought processes, and that can help catch mistakes before they happen. Otherwise, it keeps a record of mistakes so that we can try to avoid repeating them. We will, because we're human, but we try.

Anyway, here are some predictions for calendar 2022.

Devon Toews finishes top-10 in defence scoring

As a member of the Colorado Avalanche, Toews now has 52 points in 70 games played. A big part of that is him shooting over 14% so far this season, putting him on pace for a 25-goal season. That is too high, and he won't come anywhere close to that many goals (especially because of injury), so he should probably be closer to 45 points in 70 games. Regardless, it's clear he has a lot of scoring upside, even with Cale Makar eating a lot of top PP minutes. This team is only improving as guys like Alex Newhook and Tyson Jost find their footing, with a top-6 that is as good as any in hockey. Toews is truly a top-tier defenceman playing on a top-tier team, and he doesn't need PP1 minutes to be elite in fantasy, either.

Jack Hughes is a point-per-game player

Maybe this isn't as bold as some others, considering he has 16 points in 16 games so far this year, but judging from the reaction when he signed his extension, I fe