Capped: Approaching Trade Deadlines in Cap Leagues

Jamie Molloy


Before getting into the bulk of the article, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took the time to congratulate me on the new opportunity that I have been given here at DobberHockey. The kind words and interactions mean the world to me, and it only makes the passion grow that much larger.

The trade deadline in your fantasy league is probably approaching within the next month approximately, this is when you can decide to 'double-down' on your team's stance and 'buy-in' at the deadline. The other option is that you can realize your team probably isn't going to win this year and now you can sell off all of your non-core players to the highest bidder.

As I said, the trade deadline probably isn't happening in your league for the next month or so. This is the most crucial part of the season. This is when you should be seeing if your team is performing to the level that they should, or if they're floundering. You can now start to see where you may finish in the standings within your league, we're quickly approaching the halfway mark of the fantasy year. With this many games played so far, you have a good enough sample size as to what your team is, whether you're a 'pretender' or a 'contender'. Which basically means is my team not cut out to win this year or am I legitimate threat to take home that glorious first-place trophy.

Being able to understand where your team is at is the most important part of analyzing what sort of actions you should take at the trade deadline. If your team is within the bottom 20% of the standings for example, you probably shouldn't be looking at spending draft picks and other valuable resources to try and make a push for the playoffs. At that point you should be selling off the players that you either can't keep going into next year or can't afford to give a pay-raise to. Remember, you're playing with a salary cap and that means you must manage your roster's production and their finances.

From my experience over the years, it's always better to try and get your trade deadline buying and selling done a little bit before the deadline. This way you avoid paying the premium prices that fantasy general managers charge for their assets on the day of the trade deadline. When it comes to selling assets before the trade deadline, if you're one of the early-birds when it comes to selling off your players you are the one who is setting the 'price standards' across the league. You are the one creating the market price for the rest to follow for the most part.

As we've covered, the trade deadline in your fantasy league may not be approaching for some time but this is the time when you can start understanding what you need to trade away, or what you need to add to your team in order to make that playoff push and come home with the championship. For category scoring l