Ramblings: USA Olympic Roster; All-Star Rosters; Pastrnak Hat Trick – January 14

Michael Clifford


The NHL announced their All-Star rosters on Thursday night. While not directly related to fantasy, it gives us a good opportunity to talk about players across the league for the same reason other than, well, you know.

As a reminder, there must be one player selected from each NHL roster, and each division produces an 11-man roster. There are 10 announced from each division today, with the 11th to be voted in by the fans. The Last Man In options can be viewed here.

Before showing the rosters, a few thoughts about the All-Star Game in general.

First, this is aimed at kids. While they want as big an audience as possible, this is targeted at kids who want to see their favourite players play with their other favourite players. With the NHL skipping the Olympics, this will be the only chance, for now, for them to see some quasi-best-on-best. Please just keep in mind that if you've hit puberty, you may have already aged out of the target audience here.

Second, while these don't really matter in the general scheme of things, a lot of players have All-Star bonuses built into their contract. There are a lot of millionaires among the elite players, but they won't all be as some rookies/young players inevitably (hopefully?) make it. To some players, this means nothing. To others, this could add 30% to their salary for the year. It does mean something to some of the guys, even beyond just the recognition.

For fantasy, I wonder if this adds trade value. The ol' "hey he's an all-star you know"-type deal. I don't think that's really how it works anymore in 2022 but each league is different and you never know what could tip the scales of a trade.

Regardless, this is supposed to be a fun thing and please, we all need a little bit of fun banter and discussion these days. With that said, here are the rosters, starting with the Atlantic:

The one that really sticks out to me is Patrice Bergeron. No offence to the future Hall of Famer, but heading into Thursday nigh