Ramblings: Willie O’Ree Night; Flyers Injuries; Connor; Andersson; Varlamov & More (Jan 18)

Alexander MacLean


The Midseason Guide is now available for download! If you've ordered it already, go to the Downloads section on the Dobber website. Then you'll see a link for both a spreadsheet for midseason projections and a PDF for the midseason guide itself. For more, see below.

One of my favourite parts of the guide is the analysis of the advanced stats, which not only tell you what is going on, but why, and then how we can expect that to change in the second half.

I also forgot that there was a preliminary write up on the next crop of top NHL draft eligible prospects. Just endless info!


The Boston Bruins sent the number 22 to the rafters, retiring the number of pioneer Willie O'Ree. It was a long-overdue moment for the player who broke the colour barrier in the NHL. He has inspired new generations of BIPOC kids who have seen that they belong in the league as well. Hats off to you Mr. O'Ree.

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