Frozen Tool Forensics: Week 16 – Three Up and Three Down

Chris Kane


On Wednesday of this week the NHL dumped all of their schedule information for the Olympic break. By this point that probably isn't news, and it also probably isn't news that some of the fantasy platforms have yet to (and maybe won't?) update their schedules. Yes, we are talking about that now infamous Fantasy Week 16. The potentially month-long endeavor where at least on Yahoo move restrictions etc. will all remain the same. Now that may all change over the coming days, but if we play this out for a moment, where does that leave managers? Given the propensity for injuries, illness, and postponements, it is hard to advise using any of your moves during that month for anything other than replacing lost players. If you happen to have spare moves in the meantime though it might be worth taking a look at the schedule and seeing the changes impact your team.

To figure out which players might be worth a look it is important to know a little bit about the schedule. There are some huge discrepancies for the month-long matchup. Luckily Frozen Tools has you covered with their Schedule Planner tool. If you navigate to the Research drop down, it is the first item. The Schedule Planner is an excellent tool (I use it basically every day) and it has quite a few report options. If you use Today's Games, it not only tells you who is playing that day, but who the starting goalie is, and the record of each team's opponent. All very helpful information for streaming in a goalie. You can also pull up the remaining fantasy week, the next fantasy week, custom reports, and yes now a Week 16 report.

There are some big discrepancies between teams. On the high end we have Edmonton (13), Ottawa (13), Toronto (12), and Winnipeg (12). On the low end we have Tampa Bay (6), New York Rangers (7), and L.A. (7). Given that I wanted to take a moment and highlight a few players who are either very low owned, but might be worth considering in some of your deeper leagues, or some highly owned players whose star might be falling anyway so might be worth moving prior to this long matchup. Even if we end up with a few more matchups during this time period the game counts will still remain the same so some of the same concerns/highlights will still apply.

I am going to start by seconding some of the work I did last week and again highlight Alex Kerfoot and Michael Bunting. Both play for Toronto so have 12 games upcoming in week 16, plus these are guys you should probably have been considering owning anyway.

Kerfoot (26% rostered on Yahoo) skated with John Tavares and William Nylander in Toronto's last game (1/19). He has a 58-point pace on the season, but 10 points in his last seven games. He started the season averaging less than 15 minutes a night, but is now up over 17. Some of that has been with absences to the top six (Mitch Marner et.