Top 10 Intriguing Players Getting PP Opportunities

Tom Collins


In fantasy hockey, you want to find players who are getting an opportunity to succeed.

Opportunities can come in many forms, but for this list, we’re looking at players who are getting their chance on the power play. Remember, not everyone getting power-play time will be successful, but they are at least worth keeping an eye on.

One trend from this season is that teams are willing to give call-ups an opportunity on the power play. It used to be that rookies and young players had to earn their time with the man-advantage, but that is no longer guaranteed to be the case. Some of these young players are mentioned throughout this list, but other examples include Jack Quinn and Marco Rossi. Scott Reedy played three games for the Sharks earlier this month, and played 3:54, 0:47 and 2:21 on the power-play in each game. When a player is called up from the minors, have a look at how the coach is using them to see if they may be worth taking a flyer on.

But it’s not just rookies and prospects. Look at Nazem Kadri. He’s always been a power-play fixture, but his usage has increased this season. He now has 16 power-play points (two off his career high) and is on pace for 36 power-play points over an 82-game season.

For this list, I won’t include anyone who is on the IR, but anyone who is on the Covid protocol list is fair game.

10. Erik Gustafsson

For most of the season, it was Seth Jones‘ team. It makes sense, since the Hawks gave up a lot in a trade to get him, then signed him to a ridiculous contract that kicks in next year. Yet, at the end of November, the Hawks switched to Gustafsson running the top power-play unit. It worked a few years ago, so maybe the hope was history would repeat itself. That hasn’t happened, but Gustafsson continues to get the opportunity. Gustafsson was put on the top unit for about five games at the end of November/start of December and then again just before Christmas. In the Hawks four games between January 13-21, he was on the ice for 77.7 per cent of Chicago’s power-play minutes, before he was swapped out again on Saturday night. This is something worth keeping an eye on throughout the season.

9. Robbie Fabbri

This is a case of letting a player on the top unit continue to sit on the waiver wire unless you are desperate or if you see him start to go on a hot streak. Fabbri getting top power-play time has been going on for a while, but many may not be aware of it. In his first 21 games (up to November 24), he averaged 2:06 of power-play time per game, about 47.1 per cent of Detroit’s power-play minutes. In those games, he had two man-advantage points. In his next 19 games up to now, he’s averaged 3:36 power-play minutes per night, about 68.1 per cent of Detroit’s man-advantage minutes. In these last 19 games since moving up, he has a whopping three power-play points.

8. Quinton Byfield

The Kings seem to have a habit of calling up players from the AHL and putting them straight on the power play. When Martin Frk was called up earlier this month, he averaged 5:02 per night with the man advantage. He scored a power-play goal but was sent back down.