Ramblings: Heinola and Ovechkin Updates; All-Star Break – February 3

Michael Clifford


There was news that Ville Heinola was sent down to the AHL on Wednesday but we need to remember that the All-Star break is at hand. There is no need to keep the young guys on the roster and the taxi squad has been dissolved. We will see if he gets called back up after the break because him being a consistent part of this team could be a big part of their playoff push. Maybe I'm just a greedy fantasy owner.


I will say, I'm somewhat excited for the new All-Star game skills competition contests they have going. Does anyone remember the scene from the 2003 movie 'SWAT' where the SWAT recruits are practicing their sniping by shooting at playing cards hundreds of yards down range? The NHL is doing that, but with sticks and pucks instead of sniper rifles, and in the Bellagio fountain. That is the kind of ingenuity that will get me to watch the All-Star Game/Skills Competition so I'm kind of looking forward to it.

I also miss the players drafting teams drunk on stage. That was some of the best entertainment the NHL has ever produced:

A reminder that this stuff is generally for kids. As with Star Wars, if something you see on screen this weekend seems boring, just ask a nine-year old what they think.


An update on Alex Ovechkin:

As long as he's asymptomatic, this should be the only regular season game that he misses. Of course, as we saw with Nikita Kucherov earlier this week, just because he's cleared doesn't mean he's necessarily ready. Though, as they say, Russian Machine Never Breaks.


The NHL has reached its All-Star break and in an alternate universe, some players would be gearing up for the Olympics afterwards. We don't live in that alternate universe, though, so the NHL will be starting back up next week.

It does give us a little reprieve away from the NHL for a bit. In that downtime, might I suggest the 2022 Dobber Midseason Guide? It's available in the