Top 300 Keeper League Skaters – February 2022



Here are the top skaters to own in your points-only dynasty leagues – February edition!

As always, players with a rating within +/-5.0 of each other should be considered equal value. Players are ranked based on upside, 3YP (three-year average of likely future peak seasons in the NHL), proneness to injury, current season’s pace, strength of team/depth chart, plus minor things such as prospect vs. NHLer, small bonuses for prestige/name value.

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1Connor McDavidEDM 474.4110
2Leon DraisaitlEDM 349.9220
3Nathan MacKinnonCOL 226.8330
4Jonathan HuberdeauFLA 210.84100
5Auston MatthewsTOR 204.0560
6Kirill KaprizovMIN 195.49133
7Artemi PanarinNYR 189.665-1