Capped: Trade Deadline Deals for Giroux, Rakell, Giordano, and More

Jamie Molloy


As the week goes on, the trade deadline continues to appear further and further away in our rear-view mirrors. On the day, there were a total of 33 trades made and a total of 54 players involved in those trades. While some trades were done with the idea of bolstering a lineup to help them compete for the Stanley Cup, others were done to help alleviate their cap situation and to help accrue additional draft capital. Regardless, the point of this week's article is to shed some light on what players will have the most impact on their team's success for the rest of the season.

*This list isn't done in any concrete order, and the positions that are listed for a player are coming from the official website of the National Hockey League. Fantasy leagues may have these players listed differently*

#1) Claude Giroux – RW – Florida Panthers

Contract: $4.1375M – 1 Year remaining (UFA this summer)
Roster Percentages: 87.3% ESPN, 77% Yahoo, 92% Fantrax

For a player with the talent level that Claude Giroux possesses, we should be seeing a drastic difference in the remaining games of the season for this player. With 42 points (18 goals, 24 assists) in 57 games (60-point pace through 82 games) with the Flyers this season, he was having an underwhelming season for what he expects of himself. The Flyers fanbase were united on Saturday night when he got traded, for the Florida Panthers fans who are reading and don't know what you're getting with Claude Giroux, I will summarize it in just one word: elite. For a Panthers team that has its core leaning on the younger side, expect Giroux to be a strong presence in the locker-room as well as on the ice.

#2) Rickard Rakell – RW – Pittsburgh Penguins

Contract: $2.463M – 1 Year remaining (UFA this summer)
Roster Percentages: 13.6% ESPN, 26% Yahoo, 50% Fantrax

The Anaheim Ducks made it clear that they are looking towards the future, and with that, comes the end of Rakell's time out west in Anaheim. Rakell has always been a capable top-6 forward in the NHL; a jack of all trades type of player. With 28 points (16 goals and 12 assists) in 51 games (40-point pace through 82 games), he hasn't been having a stellar year by any stretch. If he were to finish with 40 points this year, it would