Ramblings: Injuries and Outjuries; Crouse; Thompson; Farabee; Del Zotto & More (Mar 30)

Alexander MacLean


The Ottawa Senators honoured Eugene Melnyk prior to last night's game after Melnyk passed away on Monday. It was a nice tribute to their long-time owner, and his time in Ottawa will certainly never be forgotten.

Ian Mendes put a lot of feeling and insight together to look back on Melnyk's complicated legacy. You can find the article here.

Rest in peace.


The NHL salary cap was confirmed to be increasing for next season, going up by $1M to $82.5 million. Not that the number seems to be a hard cap anymore with all the LTIR circumventing that goes on nowadays, but it is good to see that the league is back on track and moving in the right direction.

With these things I always take a moment to try and consider what it could mean for my cap leagues, and at this point it doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things, however there will be small implications nonetheless. If you cap rises with the NHL cap, then your players with more term on the contract start to become more valuable again as the years progress with the cap rising and their cap hit staying stagnant. Additionally, free agents this year might be able to cash in a little better than last year as the cap is now on its way up again and there isn't the threat of it staying stagnant for three or four more years.


It sounds like Nathan MacKinnon may be out for some time, as Jared Bednar said his concern level was "high" when asked about MacKinnon's injury. Hopefully by the time today's Injury Ward comes out Brennan DeSouza has dug up some more info for you there.


On the better side of the injury news, Kevin Labanc appears to be on the verge of returning: