Capped: Fantasy Playoff Waiver Wire Additions, Including Moore and Barbashev

Jamie Molloy


Now that the first round of the playoffs has concluded, congratulations to those of you who are currently battling it out in the second round. To those who weren't as lucky and were eliminated, I am sorry to hear and now you get to set your sights on conducting draft research and preparing your personal draft boards. There is a lot more to a season being a success than placing high in the standings; seeing growth from your younger players, having players bounce-back to their former selves, and acquiring long-term assets are all valid ways to help determine how successful your team was for this season. So don't get to down on yourselves if you've been eliminated from the playoffs earlier than expected.

Now that the second round is around the halfway point, there are only a couple of games left in the matchup. This is the time where you can go to the waiver wire and start trimming the fat from your team, the guys that have been slumping and the players that aren't locked to be on your roster next year are all able to be swapped out for guys with better schedules, or those that are playing in a better role currently. Having name value on your team is nice, but if said name value isn't performing currently, you must be willing to cut ties with them and go for the lesser-known asset and bank on them staying hot.

As I said last week, this is going to be a month-long series to help offer solutions to those teams that have been riddled with injuries (like myself) to help try and vault them to the promise land of winning the championship.

* Not done in a particular order, the positions come from the official NHL website and your leagues may have players listed differently, so make sure you pay attention as to what positions are listed on your platforms before making any transactions! *

* For the 'Power play' and 'Short-handed' sections in the stat tables, it is saying how many power-play and how many short-handed points that they have, not goals. Just to clarify! *

#1) Jake DeBrusk – LW – Boston Bruins

Contract: $3.675M – 1 Year remaining (Extended for $4M for 2 years starting next season)
Roster Percentages: 14.6% ESPN, 32% Yahoo, 35% Fantrax

GamesGoalsAssistsShotsPower playShort-handedHitsBlocksFaceoff %TOI

With David Pastrnak having missed the last few games due to injury, DeBrusk has received a little bit more of a showing with fewer superstars around. Boston has had to rely on their 'depth scoring' options for the last little stretch and DeBrusk hasn't disappointed, with 10 points (7 goals, 3 assists) in his last 10 games. Even before Pastrnak was hurt, they had him on the second line with Taylor Hall and Erik Haula (another valuable streamer candidate), while DeBrusk was riding shotgun with Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron. There is a reality where DeBrusk keeps his place in the lineup at even strength, but while he is currently on the top power pl