Frozen Tool Forensics: Fantasy Playoff MVPs

Chris Kane


The NHL playoff teams are officially sorted, and the season officially ends this weekend. For many fantasy managers their quest for glory has already concluded either because they have been eliminated, or their leagues finish prior this final week of the season to avoid the random end-of-season scratches. This week, we are going to take a look back over the fantasy playoff period at the players who best served us (and maybe a few who didn't).

There are some complicating factors here in that fantasy leagues don't all start on the same date, and clearly don't all end on the same date. For the purposes of this review, though, we are going to look at a month's worth of data starting on March 28. March 28 is the Monday that a lot of leagues started their playoffs, and we will be going through until April 28, as that is the date I was able to pull the data. For those of you still in the hunt until the final day, my apologies. There is still time for a fantastic performance to boost one of your players listed here. Even if the dates are not exactly what your league experienced, there should be enough overlap for the trends to hold true.

For those following along at home, I have exported two Multi-Category reports from the reports page. These reports contain basic scoring information as well as blocks, hits, and plus/minus. I used the Multi-Category reports as I am also relying on the basic Yahoo scoring system, which includes plus/minus (unfortunately) and blocks. Obviously if your league counts different categories, there will be variations in specific player values.

So without further ado:

NamePositionTeamGPGASOGPTS/GFantasy Pts
STEVEN STAMKOSCT.B151021462.07237.40
NIKITA KUCHEROVRT.B151318392.07227.10
AUSTON MATTHEWSCTOR131211741.77225.60
CONNOR MCDAVIDCEDM14916631.79215.70
KEVIN FIALALMIN161114531.56204.70
ROBERT THOMASCSTL17818311.53202.90

I must admit, I did not realize the extent to which some members of this list