Top 300 Keeper League Skaters – May 2022



Here are the Top 300 skaters to own in your points-only dynasty leagues – May edition

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May and June are generally my “mess around with this list” months. I go through all the players and adjust just by eyeballing them. All the injured players get reset for next season. All the overachievers get brought back down to earth. All the underachievers get a bit of a boost. Young players generally get an uptick while the aging vets get a knock downward. I don’t dive into each player for hours – they each get about a minute, and I go with my gut. The July/August rankings are where every player get fully audited thanks to the in-depth analysis that the Fantasy Guide requires.

As always, players between +/-5.0 rating points of each other should be considered equal value and at that point are a matter of team needs or personal bias.

Click any player to be taken to his fantasy hockey profile – a page that we painstakingly set up to give the best information to help fantasy owners.

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1Connor McDavidEDM 431.2110
2Leon DraisaitlEDM 342.5220
3Nikita KucherovTBL 252.61188
4Nathan MacKinnonCOL 233.5541
5Jonathan HuberdeauFLA 233.333-2