Ramblings – Tear It All Down? Don’t Be Silly… (May 23)



Hard at work on the Fantasy Prospects Report, which will come out the afternoon of June 14. It is the 16th edition and has been an invaluable resource for keeper and dynasty leaguers. You can pre-order it here.


The way the defending Stanley Cup Champions are manhandling the President's Trophy winners, you have to have more respect for the Maple Leafs. The Leafs actually outplayed Tampa in 18 out of 22 periods and probably deserved the series. But the Lightning found a way – and that's what Champs do. I think that most, if not all, teams need to have that lesson taught to them before they can reach the pinnacle. Tampa learned it. Remember:

2016-17 Did not make the playoffs

2017-18 Lost in semi-finals

2018-19 Swept in first round

Then they won their two Cups. It's a process. Always has been. How come people don't know this? I see on my Twitter feed Florida fans insisting that the Panthers "tear it all down", or that "Huberdeau and Barkov are obviously not the answer". Sorry – no. They need a couple of years of lessons first. I should have considered that before making them my Cup pick. Leaf fans were saying (and still are saying) the same thing. Tear it all down. When, if that post they hit was an inch to the right they eliminate the Cup Champs? When, if the ref was in a different mood and didn't call off the Tavares goal due to interference, they eliminate the Cup Champs? I have the attitude that if you lose a series and a single play or call could have made that entire series a win – then you're probably on the right track.

What if Tampa "tore it all down" because "Stamkos and Kucherov were obviously not the answer" back in 2019?

What if Detroit "tore it all down" because "Yzerman and Fedorov were obviously not the answer" back in 1994 after losing in the second round? Or in 1995 after getting swept in the Final? Or in 1996 after getting eliminated in the semi-finals.

I hate to say it Florida fans, but the Panthers could lose this series, they could get knocked out next year in the first round, knocked out in 2024 in the third round – and then win the Cup in 2025! But there's no easy answer or magic dust you can sprinkle on your team. When you build a team this strong – you commit to that for four or five years. You give it four or five chances. There's only one Cup, yet four or five deserving teams. Same advice to Toronto fans. Same advice for Rangers' fans.


Couldn't have said this better, so I'll leave this here.