Frozen Tool Forensics: Most Valuable Goalie

Chris Kane


Last week we rounded out our skaters by looking at the most valuable defensemen, and this week caps the endeavor by reviewing goalies. Starting next week, we will be diving into the playoff matchups to see if there are any nuggets worth carrying over into next season.

As with our previous articles we will be looking at Most Valuable in a couple of contexts. We will have straight up production and then production compared to draft position. Like the strategy we used for skaters we are using the standard Yahoo scoring format to arrive at a fantasy points number. In this case the scoring is as follows: 4 points for a win, -1 point for a goal against, 0.2 points for a save, and 2 points for a shutout.

The following note from skater draft position still applies:

…The draft position data was pulled from Yahoo at the start of the season, and only for the top 200 players. 200 was picked as it is a round number that is a reasonable (if slightly low) approximation for a lot of leagues and it is a pain to export data from Yahoo. It also will not completely match Yahoo's current ADPs as those will take into account drafts that took place once the year began.

For goalie data we are pulling the Goalie Big Board report from the reports page, which includes, among many other things, all of the scoring categories described above.

Who were 2021-22's highest scoring goalies?

NameTeamGPADPFantasy PointsFantasy Rank

Nothing too surprising here. If I asked most managers to guess the top five most valuable goalies, most would probably guess at least four of these names. This scoring format clearly values wins, and each of these goalies has at least 35. Sergei Bobrovsky is the only goalie not in the top five who also had more than 35 wins. If we were just looking at games played, we might wonder how Igor Shesterkin was able to keep up, but he managed just as many wins as this crew, was surprisingly close in shots (though maybe not if you watched the Rangers play), and had significantly fewer goals against (that isn't all accounted for with games played).

On the flip side Juuse Saros was good, but his elite production really comes on the back of his workhorse status. He led the league in games played, and is one of only five goalies to play over 60 games. He was second only to