Ramblings: Torts Hiring in Philly Official; Roto Rankings Fallers Duchene, Larkin (Jun 18)

Ian Gooding


The Philadelphia Flyers officially announced the John Tortorella hiring on Friday. Read about what it means in fantasy leagues here.

For Flyers fans' sake, hopefully they receive the Columbus version of Tortorella that maximized the potential of that team as opposed to the Vancouver version who lasted only one season and never seemed like the right fit. I can remember fans here cringing when Torts stated in a press conference that even the Sedins would be blocking shots and killing penalties. If you're wondering why I'm not bullish on Torts improving the Flyers offensively, one example is the Sedins' 2013-14 season under Torts compared to the rest of their careers.

Daniel Sedin

2013-14: 0.66 PTS/GP

Career: 0.89 PTS/GP

Henrik Sedin

2013-14: 0.71 PTS/GP

Career: 0.91 PTS/GP

That's only one example over one season, I understand, but Tortorella teams haven't been known for their wide-open style. Don't expect any showboating on the Flyers either.

I had a laugh at the replies to this tweet saying this is why Torts is unemployed or will never be hired in the NHL again. They failed to account for the thinking of NHL GMs and how they like to recycle coaches.

Also, I don't usually speak in the first person when I write these fantasy takes, so I didn't mention that the one reason I kept Ivan Provorov on one of my teams all season (6 D) was his blocked shots total. I don't necessarily expect him to become a major scoring force under Torts, but I'd expect him to log a ton of minutes and thus continue to block a lot of shots. The downside to blocking shots, though, is the risk for injury – more so than in other roto categories. Taking one for the team could also mean time spent on the IR.

Unlike the Flyers, it seems as though the Chicago Blackhawks are embracing the full rebuild. According to several sources, they have been discussing a possible Alex DeBrincat trade with other teams. Although DeBrincat is hardly a grizzled veteran at age 24, his prime wouldn't likely align with a future