Fantasy Hockey Poll: Sustainable Season Scoring Streaks

Rick Roos


It's normal for skaters get better as they gain NHL experience; however, in most case the improvement happens quickly and followed by stabilization or with some ups and downs before leveling off. For this month's poll we're going to look at players who are riding streaks of several seasons where they've seen their scoring rate increase, in order to vote on which ones are the best bets to continue their trends.

Each of the 20 players listed below has either seen his scoring rate (i.e., his 82 game scoring pace, not necessarily his actual point total) increase for three or more straight seasons or has been in the NHL only three seasons but seen gains every season thus far. I opted to include the latter category of players because there weren't enough fantasy relevant skaters who met the three or more straight years criteria to fill out the 20 poll spots, so I figured the next best thing would be to include notable skaters who, although they've each played only three seasons, have seen their scoring rate increase every season thus far.

You should vote for however many players you believe will post a higher scoring rate in 2022-23 than they did in 2021-22, keeping their "streak" alive in the process. You could vote for each and every one of the 20 choices if you believe all will continue their upward trends, or, if not all of them, then for however many you think will actually do so. In other words, unlike some of the polls I've run there's no set number of votes you must cast.

With the necessary explanation and voting rules out of the way, here are the 20 players, listed in alphabetical order along with their scoring rate for 2021-22 plus an indication of the number of consecutive seasons of scoring rate increases they've had through 2021-22 or whether they are one of those who's only played three seasons and had an increase every season so far. A link to cast your votes will be at the end of the column.

Rasmus Andersson (50-point scoring pace in 2021-22; four season streak of increased scoring)

Is Andersson a 50-point defenseman based on his own skill? Probably not, as he made the best of a great situation in that he was the unquestioned top option for blueline offense for one of the highest scoring teams for 2021-22. But former top five overall pick Noah Hanifin finished 2021-22 with point per game scoring over his last 20 games, getting more man advantage time in the process. If Hanifin builds on that success or Andersson falters, then Andersson's streak of scoring gains is likely to come to an end no matter how great his team's offense continues to be.

Tyler Bertuzzi (75-point scoring pace; five seasons)

While the headline surrounding Bertuzzi for 2021-22 was his status as the only unvaccinated NHL player, he just kept on rolling in terms of upping his scoring output. Given that he's locked into the top six and PP1, plus has room for still more gains in ice time and SOG, and Detroit is a team considered to be on the rise, he has a good shot of further gains in 2022-23.

Pavel Buchnevich (85-point scoring pace; five seasons)

Although he saw less TOI overall and didn't take the ice for even 50% of his team's man advantage minutes, Buchnevich nevertheless