Capped: Reviewing The Rookie Class, Including Seider And Caufield

Jamie Molloy


First and foremost, I must give the Colorado Avalanche a shout out for winning the Stanley Cup. Some like to say that they had an easier path than some other cup champions in years prior, but at the end of the day they faced off against a St. Louis Blues team who's cup winning core is still mostly intact. An Oilers team that has Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl on it each night, and then faced off against Tampa Bay… the team that won the last two Cups.

With that out of the way, this week I plan on looking at some of the rookie class from this season. I will be giving my thoughts on if they will be able to avoid the dreaded 'sophomore slump' that many rookies encounter going into their second season. And, for context, this may not be a list of players that are all 19-22 years old, whatever players were eligible for the Calder Memorial Trophy (league's top rookie) have been considered.

With the NHL regular season ending, Fantrax doesn't have the roster percentages showing currently so I will be omitting them for the foreseeable future! The positions listed for each player come from the official website of the NHL. With the contract years, I will be listing any UFA/RFA as just that and specifying what type of FA they are. Anybody who has a contract guaranteed for next season, I will be listing the number of years left that as if we have started next season. Sam Reinhart, for example, has three years remaining as of this moment, the remainder of this season, and then two more after this one.

#1) Moritz Seider – D – Detroit Red Wings

Contract: $863K – 2 Years remaining
Roster Percentages: 94.3% ESPN, 84% Yahoo

GamesGoalsAssistsShotsPowerplayShorthandedHitsBlocksFaceoff %TOI

What better way to start off the analysis than by breaking down the player who just got awarded the Calder Memorial Trophy. Seider is what every fantasy owner is looking for in a player on defense, he fulfills most categories at an elite level. The Red Wings were the eighth worst in goal scoring this year, with an ave