Fantasy Take: Alex DeBrincat Off To Ottawa For Draft Picks

Michael Clifford


With the Chicago Blackhawks looking ahead to a rebuild, there were some tough choices they would have to make this offseason. One name that kept cropping up was that of star scoring winger Alex DeBrincat, and the rumoured trade came to fruition a couple hours before the Draft:

Ottawa was a team that had been also rumoured to be interested in a winger like Kevin Fiala. This gives them some more elite scoring depth on top of what they have already on the roster. Let's break this down.

What Ottawa Gets

There is this thing that happens that when a player has a lot of success skating next to Patrick Kane, it's assumed that the credit goes to Kane alone. This happened back when Artemi Panarin was around – look how that worked out – and similar inferences have been made about DeBrincat. He is not a passenger, though. Over the last two seasons with DeBrincat (2.3 team goals per 60 minutes at 5-on-5) and Kane (2.45) on the ice without each other, the team has been nearly identical, scoring-wise. A difference of 6-7% is negligible, especially with the lack of talent the rest of the team had.

It probably is fair to say that Kane was the better offensive player, but that doesn't mean that DeBrincat is bad, or average, or any disparaging remark, really. The 24-year-old scorer, according to ShutDownLine's tracking data, is very good