Ramblings: Signing/Trade Impacts On Laine, Eklund, Chabot, and Heiskanen – July 19

Michael Clifford


Free agency has settled considerably and though there still are some significant names left, even outside Nazem Kadri, many teams have done most of the shopping they're going to. Or, at least, all the significant shopping they're going to do. For anyone who wants to read on the individual impacts from the signings, we covered a couple dozen signings/trades over the last week or so here.

Other than the player getting signed or traded, and the void he leaves behind, there is obvious impact that comes to his new team. Players on either side are going to be affected. The articles the editing team has posted covers these but don't go too far in depth. After all, they're time-sensitive articles and getting good, brief thoughts is generally the approach.

For that reason, I want to go over the impact on players that will come from these signings and trades, other than the signed/traded player themselves. Data will be taken from our Frozen Tools and Natural Stat Trick, and cap information from Cap Friendly. Other sources credited as they first appear.

Patrik Laine

Clearly, one of the names that comes to the top of the list because of Johnny Gaudreau's signing is Patrik Laine. After a poor start to his Blue Jackets tenure with 21 points in 45 games last season, Laine was a point-per-game player in 56 game this season, managing 26 goals. It was a great turnaround, but it does feel like he has more that he can give, especially in the goals department.

One area Laine should improve greatly is power-play scoring. His goals per 60 minutes at all power-play strengths (5v4, 5v3, 4v3) was 1.57, by far the lowest of his career (2.2 in 2019-20). We can thank a bottom-10 Columbus power play for that.

The Jackets had a big issue in that Jakub Voracek was their only significant playmaker on the power play, according to tracking data from Corey Sz