Ramblings – Looking at Interesting Potential Line Combinations… (July 25)



It seemed like just a couple of weeks ago when the Fantasy Prospects Report was last updated. Oh wait! It was! But now it's time to turn our focus to the upcoming Fantasy Hockey Guide, which is released on August 5th. I note in the shop that this will be a "partial release" but that was to cover my ass in case I don't quite get it all done. But progress is going very well and I think it will actually be complete. I may even have a surprise for you on July 31…

This will be the 17th edition. I can still remember the first one. In that first year I had called it a "Pool Guide Supplemental", marketing it as an "add-on" to the Guides you bought at the stand. It was 39 pages and sold for $1.99.

Last year's Guide was 196 pages. This year looks to be a tad more. We are adding projections for shots (previously only available with the Fantasy Geek add-on), and I'm expanding my write-ups for each team. Yes, it has definitely grown over the last 17 years. It was amazing that by the second year I had writers contributing to it already. I just opened up the 2007 one and see former writers like Jeff Angus, Jim Guenther, Chris Burns, Matt Bugg, Russ Miller and Tim O'Brien – and it was already expanded to 73 pages!

Thank you for your continued support!


As I work through the Guide, I've of course been fiddling with the depth charts and seeing potential line combinations. It's great seeing an organization's plan unfold before you, once you dive in and really look at it. But while you can see the line combinations that make sense, you have to keep in mind that it rarely works out that way. Even NHL GMs are stumped by this thing called "chemistry" – and not through any fault of their own. On paper, everything makes sense. Of course David Perron will click with Sidney Crosby (!) and, failing that, of course Perron will click with Evgeni Malkin (!). A natural goal-scorer alongside an elite setup man? Yes please. But in 2015-16 Perron had 16 points in 42 games before he was inevitably traded to Anaheim. It does not always work as neatly in reality as it does on paper.

Anyway, here are some interesting line combos that I put t