Capped: Recent Signees in Puljujärvi, Bratt, and Mangiapane

Jamie Molloy


When a RFA and their respective organization cannot come to an agreement on a new contract, the player and his camp then can file for what it is called 'salary arbitration' where an outside force is then included in the overall contract negotiations. Often, teams do end up avoiding having to go into the arbitration process just where they can ensure that they are signing their assets to the contracts that they see fit, whether it is a bit more than they may want to pay. These issues generally arise when a player is asking for more money than what the organization is willing to pay, so prior to the arbitration date the team and the player usually meet in the middle somewhere.

* Most recent season stats are displayed, followed by the career stats underneath. *

#1) Jesse Puljujarvi – RW – Edmonton Oilers

Contract: $3M – 1 Year remaining

GamesGoalsAssistsShotsPowerplayShorthandedHitsBlocksFaceoff %TOI

As a former fourth overall draft pick, I think we all expected a lot more on the offensive side of the game at this point for Puljujarvi, not necessarily because of his own talents and skills, but based on the history of players being taken early in the draft usually tend to develop quicker. This hasn't been the case with Puljujarvi as he has had an up-and-down career at this point. After his ELC expired in the summer of 2019, he then went overseas to play back in Finland for the 2019-20 season. Which in the end may have helped him get back on track? This year he posted a career high in points with 36 (0.55 points-per-game). While those aren't horrible numbers for an NHL player as that would be 45 points across an 82-game season, so solid second/third line numbers. When you look at the stats of the other forwards that went in the top seven of the 2016 Entry Draft: Auston Matthews, Patrick Laine, Pierre-Luc Dubois, Matthew Tkachuk, Clayton Keller. Puljujarvi certainly fa