Ramblings: Bubble Keeper Week – DeBrusk, Durzi, Raanta, Reimer (Aug 14)

Ian Gooding


Before I drop the puck on Bubble Keeper Week…

The August edition of the Top 100 Roto Rankings will be posted shortly. In the meantime, please leave any feedback on the rankings. Some of you might be using them for drafts come September, so any input you can provide or even questions about the rankings of certain players is welcomed.

I'm going to start Bubble Keeper Week with four players that I need to make a decision on this month. The league I'm in doesn't have a flat number of maximum keepers, although there are a bunch of other rules regarding keepers that mean that I can't keep every player. These rules generally have to do with both contract length (when I acquire a player, I can sign the player for multiple seasons, depending on how I acquire the player) and the number of league points the player records in a contract year (above a certain number means they automatically go to free agency, below a certain number means I have the option of keeping them). These decisions aren't necessarily about keeping one player over the other, although the league has a slow draft auction with a salary cap for free agents.

As I mentioned on Twitter, the first two players listed below had some unexpectedly strong stretches through part of the 2021-22 season. The last two players are projected to be backup goalies who you probably wouldn't think about that much, but I'll try to make the discussion on them fantasy-relevant anyway.

Jake DeBrusk

Which version of DeBrusk should we expect in 2022-23? DeBrusk had vastly underperformed in the shortened 2020-21 season (14 PTS in 41 GP) and had struggled into the first half of 2021-22 (14 PTS in 35 GP). Not satisfied with his situation