Ramblings: Bubble Keeper Week Continues, Discussing Bjorkstrand, Farabee, Ty Smith, Höglander, and Others – August 16

Michael Clifford


It is Bubble Keeper Week here at Dobber Hockey! This started years ago for a number of reasons but there are two that stick out, specifically. First is that this is (normally) a dead zone for hockey information. Free agency is mostly over and we're just waiting for training camps to start (though the World Juniors has changed that equation in 2022). Second, and most importantly for us, this is the time keepers start being submitted in most leagues. Some leagues may have gone past this already but we're trying to find that sweet spot of most NHL rosters being set and fantasy rosters needing to do the same. That is why we have Bubble Keeper Week and we're here to help the readers.


Before we get to keepers, have you ordered your copy of the 2022-23 Dobber Hockey Fantasy Guide? With our projections, some keeper questions can be answered. We also have long-term upside, depth charts, line combinations, and a whole lot more. The best part is this will be updated until the season starts, so there's no worries about new signings/trades not being reflected in the guide. Help support what we do by purchasing a guide today!


Dobber continued the Bubble Keeper train yesterday in his Ramblings by going through some questions that his followers had for him. I urge people to go check that out to see the queries involving lots of players from across the fantasy value spectrum. We also had Tom Collins use his Top-10 column to discuss keepers in points-only leagues. Those are the kinds of articles that we'll be posting all week long.

Today's exercise is going to be about a league I'm in. While we call it a dynasty league, it's not quite that because you don't have to roll over every player on your roster every season. Our rosters are allowed to have 25 active players and we can keep up to 18 players year over year. Beyond that, we can have four players on the injured reserve list and five players in the minor leagues. To qualify for the minors, a player must genu