Frozen Tool Forensics: Players on the Breakout Threshold

Chris Kane


As with the faceoff article posted a few weeks ago, I like to occasionally check in on stats, and therefore players, that are a bit more on the peripheral (see what I did there?) Categories like hits and blocks are not as exciting as points and shots, so they definitely don't get as much air time in this column (or in other articles in general). But as many leagues incorporate them, they are crucial to attend to. Today we are going to focus on defensemen.

On the Reports page we have a conveniently titled Multi-Category report that provides some basic scoring stats as well as penalty minutes, hits, and blocks. The report also has some combined columns with hits and blocks, and then hits plus blocks plus shots. It further breaks down these stats on a per-game basis. I am on record as not being a big fan of penalty minutes as a positive fantasy stat, so we won't really touch on them in this article. To get our data I have pulled the report for the 2021-22 season, exported so I could do a little rearranging and focus on a few columns.

We can obviously use this report to get top performers in some of these categories, and we will start there below. I am sorting by per game numbers because I want to account for differences in games played, but I am also putting in a games-played threshold so not getting really small sample sizes for random players.

So just quickly, here are some big performers in hits and blocks.

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