Wild West: Goaltending Tiers from Saros to Grubauer

Grant Campbell


As Brennan Des looked at the different tiers of goaltending in the Eastern Conference last week, we will do the same for the Western Conference this week. Just a reminder that these tiers are subjective and meant as a guide to help you for fantasy purposes, not necessarily the level of skill of each goalie. 

Tier 1A

No one – I don't think there is anyone in the West who measures up to Andrei Vasilevskiy or Igor Shesterkin. They are elite goalies who can play 65-70 games and churn out 35-40 wins every season. Saros has done it for one year and if he does it again this season, we will re-visit next year. The same holds true for Markstrom and Demko.

Tier 1B

Juuse Saros – Nashville Predators – I must admit that I was a little skeptical of Saros and his ability to play more than 40 games in a season and play well. He converted me into a believer last year when he played 67 games and had 38 wins, a 91.8 save percentage and his second consecutive season with a GSAA (goals saved above average) over 20. He's the real deal and just a bit above the rest in the West.

Tier 2

Connor Hellebuyck – Winnipeg Jets – The great thing about Hellebuyck is that you know if healthy he is going to play 60-65 games next season. He might not duplicate his 2017-18 season when he played 67 games and had 44 wins but he should get 30-35 wins next year. His GSAA of 7.42 was the lowest he has had since 2016-17. He would be tier one if Winnipeg was a better team.

Jacob Markstrom – Calgary Flames – Markstrom played a career-high 63 games last year and had 37 wins, a 92.2 save percentage and a GSAA of 26.12. He had a phenomenal year but he has an injury and getting fatigued history. I've said this many times, but the Flames should limit him to 50-55 games a year to get the most out of him over the season. I think he's a lock for 30-35 wins next year.

Thatcher Demko – Vancouver Canucks – Demko had never played more than 35 games in a year before playing 64 last season. He did tire a little towards the end of the season but was still able to get 33 wins, a 91.5 save percentage and put up a GSAA of 14.93. I think the Canucks will try to limit him to 55-60 games next year, but