Ramblings: Looking for Improvements from Kaliyev, Carrier, Merkley, Hague, and Others – September 15

Michael Clifford


My Ramblings on Tuesday discussed four player that had breakout seasons in 2021-22 and whether the breakout was a one-off, is repeatable, or if there is decline in the offing. This is the last week before training camps start so let's do one last Ramblings covering exclusively offseason stuff. Today, we'll look at players that had good underlying numbers in 2021-22 but did not breakout in the fantasy game.

A lot of things can go right, but if very specific things do not, the results won't follow. In hockey, there could be any number of reasons like lack of ice time, lack of power-play role, inability of teammates to finish, personal shooting percentage crash, or some combination of issues. Sometimes, players do the right things but do not get rewarded for it. So, let's look at some players that did some things right but didn't explode offensively. We will see a few young players but there are some veterans who seem to be turning a corner and require our attention as well. As always, data is from either Natural Stat Trick or our own Frozen Tools, unless otherwise noted.

Arthur Kaliyev

In sum, it was a fine rookie season for the now-21-year-old Kaliyev. He had 14 goals and 27 points in 80 games, managing 2.4 shots per game, while skating well under 13 minutes a night. Having written about his season extensively back in May means not having to repeat myself here, but there were a lot of good things that happened with him on the ice. Two things went wrong: his shooting percentage (which was discussed in that article) and his individual points percentage (IPP). A player's IPP is simply the rate at which they garner a point when their team scores a goal with them on the ice. Kaliyev finished at an even 50% at 5-on-5, which was a distant last among all Kings forwards, and tied him for 357th out of 387 forwards that played at least 500 minutes. The league median is about 66%, which would have added roughly five points to his total. That,