Ramblings: Long-Shot Predictions for Terry, Larkin, Svechnikov, and Others; York Demoted; Kuzmenko; Schenn – October 6

Michael Clifford


The NHL season starts this weekend with the Sharks and Predators in Prague for a pair of regular season games. It is crunch time for drafting and for anyone that has left their prep until the last minute, picking up a copy of the 2022-23 Dobber Hockey Fantasy Guide is a great way to get all the information you need. There are projections, depth charts, lineup combinations, long-term outlooks, prospect discussions, and a slew of articles. It will be updated until the season starts so go get what you need to get a leg up on your competition!


With the season around the corner, it's time for some predictions. As usual, we will have our Dobber Panel Prediction column coming soon, which gets the temperature from all the Dobber editors and writers. We discuss our award winners, division winners, Cup winners, and more.

Personal predictions are another matter. In the spirit of generating some discussion, we are going to skip the milquetoast selections and go with some spice. Let's go over 10 hot takes for the upcoming season, ranging from skaters to goalies to teams to awards. Let's get some Scotch Bonnets in our meal and bring the temperature up to 600° F.

Troy Terry Scores 50 Goals

There have been numerous articles from both myself and the writers across the Dobber team about Terry's breakout 2021-22 season. He scored 37 goals in 75 games, more than doubling his career output to that point (15) in 54 fewer contests. The trepidation is normal but I wrote back in June why I believe Terry's explosion is, in a couple words, for real. He had excellent underlying stats before the 2021-22 season, and everything finally came together. However, getting to 37 goals ins one thing and cracking 50 is another entirely.

Terry shot nearly 20% last year and assuredly he won't shoot that again. But how he got to 19.3% shooting is a story in itself. He shot a whopping 32% on the power play, scori