Fantasy Hockey Podcast – Ice Cream Social

by Elan Dubrofsky on September 10, 2019


Omg! It's DomL guesting on this brand new episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast.


Some people make player scoring projections, and some people make algorithms that make player scoring projections. Both those kinds of people feature on this episode, as Elan, Brian and Dom build their All Disagreement Teams, featuring the forwards, defensemen and goalies for whom their projections differed the most. All three hash out their projection strategies and resulting predictions to try and understand how they ended up as far apart as they did, and to see if maybe, just maybe, people and algorithms can coexist as one peaceful entity. Until the algorithms become sentient and begin producing their own projections. And their projections are just about the success of other algorithms' projections. And hockey players are replaced by sentient spreadsheets with cute clipart skates in the background.


Go check out Dom's projections, and then also follow him on twitter and read his fantasy rankings and team previews at The Athletic.

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