Sjostrom, LeNeveu, Gratton for Montoya, Hossa

by Dobber Sports on February 26, 2008
David LeNeveu


Phoenix moves Fredrik Sjostrom, David Leneveu and Josh Gratton to the Rangers for Marcel Hossa and Al Montoya.


The Rangers get: a young goalie who seems destined to become an NHL backup – Montoya was probably too good to hang onto and he needs to be qualified. Sjostrom is a small upgrade to Marcel Hossa, but could be a healthy scratch just as much. Gratton gives the team some toughness.


The Coyotes get: A good young goalie in Al Montoya who I think will push Tellqvist as the backup next year. He is a slight upgrade to LeNeveu. Sjostrom was expendable, I guess the team saw more potential in Marcel Hossa.


Fantasy Players Impacted: I don't think anyone really goes up or down – they just switch situations.


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