Top 100 Keeper League Goalies – November 2016

by Dobber on November 24, 2016

The Top 100 goalies to own in your keeper league, November edition


Here are the Top 30 goalies to own in a keeper league - you can get the entire Top 100 over at Goalie Post via this link. If two goalies are in the same tier, consider their value pretty equal. For those who like to split hairs...the ratings value was left in place. Reminder - these are for keeper leagues.

This month I also posted the Top 40 prospect goaltenders. That list can be found here


Nov 20 Goalie Team Rating Oct 20 Tier
1 Braden Holtby WAS 106.9 1 0
2 Carey Price MON 105.5 2 0
3 Tuukka Rask BOS 103.7 5 1
4 Martin Jones SJS 100.7 3 1
5 Cory Schneider NJD 95.2 4 1
6 Corey Crawford CHI 91.7 7 1
7 Cam Talbot EDM 88.6 9 2
8 Ben Bishop TBL 88.4 6 1
9 Sergei Bobrovsky CBJ 86.2 17 2
10 Henrik Lundqvist NYR 86.1 10 1
11 Marc-Andre Fleury PIT 82.9 8 2
12 Jake Allen STL 82.7 11 2
13 Matt Murray PIT 82.4 12 2
14 Pekka Rinne NSH 81.6 14 2
15 Devan Dubnyk MIN 81.6 15 2
16 John Gibson ANA 81.6 16 2
17 Roberto Luongo FLA 81.0 18 2
18 Connor Hellebuyck WPG 80.3 20 1
19 Petr Mrazek DET 79.0 13 2
20 Semyon Varlamov COL 78.9 19 2
21 Frederik Andersen TOR 78.5 23 2
22 Craig Anderson OTT 77.9 25 2
23 Jonathan Quick LAK 75.5 21 1
24 Jaroslav Halak NYI 74.5 22 2
25 Andrei Vasilevskiy TBL 71.5 30 2
26 Steve Mason PHI 71.0 27 2
27 Jacob Markstrom VAN 70.8 28 3
28 Brian Elliott CGY 64.4 24 2
29 Robin Lehner BUF 64.1 32 3
30 Kari Lehtonen DAL 63.9 26 3


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  • Julien

    Hi Guys! Any reason why Matt Murray still behind Fleury? He is younger, he got better stats he start most of the recent games and PIT look like they already give him the net! I tought he was the sheriff in town now..!?

    • Dave

      I thought the same thing. I’ve come to accept the fact these rankings will always be a bit off and change like the wind. Rask bounces around every year…Dubnyk proves to be top 10 worthy every year….Price holtby?? cmon really. Anyway, I still love to refer to the rankings but its ok to have a chuckle now and then.

      • Dobber

        Price/Holtby spots are funny? In a keeper league, is there anyone more valuable? Confused.
        Dubnyk only had 32 wins last year, not worthy of Top 10 at all.
        I pride myself in not changing my rankings like the wind – I’m often critcized for it (“why isn’t so and so up 150 spots this month?” etc)

      • ravioli huvs

        Actually it was exactly 10th in wins. Right above your number 3 keeper Tuukka Rask who had 31, and far above Talbot and Bobrovsky. Hard to imagine that the league leader in shutouts two seasons removed from a Vezina nomination cant even leapfrog a guy on the verge of losing his starting job in Fleury, let alone move a single spot. But hey, this is coming from a Dubnyk owner 😀

      • Dobber

        Fleury will be a starter next year. For sure. And if you recall – I led the Dubnyk charge right here on this site, back before it was cool to claim him off the wire!

        Talbot, the next five years, will be Fleury of the last five years. Mark it!

      • Instant Karma

        Murray will be a starter next year. For sure. For the Pens.

        Even assuming Fleury will be a starter next year, given his age and that we have no idea where he will be starting, who would choose him in a keeper over Murray?

        If your rationale had been applied last year with Elliott/Allen, how would that have turned out?

      • Dobber

        Murray will 100% start for the Pens next year. Fleury will 100% start somewhere else. Fleury is >>>> Elliott, come on.
        This is my opinion, I feel strongly about it. I think that, for whatever reason, my calls on goaltenders have been extremely accurate over the years – even better than the players. I have no idea why, I think I just see the political landscape really well and opportunity is 90% of fantasy value when it comes to goalies. But people are certainly free to disagree. I was right about Crawford, Howard, Bishop, Talbot, Bobrovsky, Domingue over the years, even going back to Price vs. Halak I was firmly in the Price camp and never wavered. Fleury and Murray are splitting starts this year but that still means 25 wins each and next year they’ll each be Top 10 guys (Murray will be Top 5).

        Also – don’t worry about age when we’re talking about 30 years old. In a full keeper, the average player stays on one roster for 2.5 years. So start worrying at 33 for goalies, 32 for players, 34 for superstars.

      • Instant Karma

        Fleury was undoubtedly much better than Elliott over the course of his career. Now, today? I think you can scratch a few of those greater-than characters.

        I’ll stand by my previous point, the situations are pretty similar. It’s not as if Elliott were some total spare. He has some skins.

        It’s not just his age that indicates Fleury is on the downside, its his play. Its his concussion history. It’s that we have no idea how good or bad a team he will find himself on next season. These aren’t silly, nit-picking considerations here.

        I’ll ask again, who would keep him over Murray? I wouldn’t keep Fleury over Andersen or Hellebuyck for that matter, goalies much lower in your rankings than either Fleury or Murray.

        Sorry, thanks but no thanks.

      • Dobber

        If I’m going for the win this year, which I am, I wouldn’t trade Fleury for Murray. So…I guess that’s one person.
        Apology accepted!

      • Instant Karma

        IIRC, your rankings are for keeper leagues, correct? If your argument is based on ROS, than you should state that up front.

        Even ROS I think makes for a pretty dubious argument. Really, Dobber, I think you may be the only fantasy GM not banging his head on the desk for burning a high pick on Fleury this season.

        I realize maybe you’re trying to talk those owners off the ledge, but for my money, perhaps they belong on that ledge. I knew better than to burn a pick on him this year. Maybe he’ll turn it around but that sounds like a bet best made by somebody other than myself in my league.

        I’m not coming at this as a Fleury-hater, I owned him for the last six or seven seasons. So long that I forget who I had before him. But I don’t need someone to grab me by the lapels and shake me to know that those good times are in the past, relatively speaking.

        You’re welcome!

      • Dobber

        It’s for keeper, but the portion we are arguing is the immediate future, right? Long-term, we are agreed that Fleury will be a top starter for a new team? So with that resolved, we focus on ROS.

        No way I would have burned a high pick on Fleury. Any split goaltending situation gets moved down my list. So I would never be caught in a trap like that.

      • Instant Karma

        Well, if you’re rating someone just outside the Top 10, that implies a somewhat high pick, relatively speaking, does it not? If you say that he isn’t worthy of a high pick, that only tells me that you’re ignoring your own rankings.

        Just because Fleury will be a starter somewhere does not guarantee quality results. Just for that you’re willing to rate him higher than other tenders who are just entering their primes? Especially after the season that he’s had so far? We’re a full quarter of the way in now.

        At the moment, you have no idea where he’ll end up, nor does anyone else. Being a starter “somewhere” is not nearly as compelling as being a starter for the Pens. (Just as being the starter for the Blues isn’t as compelling as being the starter for Calgary).

        Just because someone’s a starter doesn’t mean that I’m valuing them over other tenders with better prospects and more shelf-life.

      • Dobber

        And that, my friend, is the flaw in the rankings that we should be addressing. I tried playing with the numbers when I put this together, but couldn’t get the formula to bring them down lower because both have tremendous upside in future years. I’ll take another look for next month.

      • Paul Switzer

        I have been on this forum for over 4 years and you, as many others in the hockey world, have always underrated Crawford .

      • Dobber

        I’ll buy into that, sure.

        But you haven’t been around long enough. Because I was pumping Crawford’s tires big time when he was a prospect, touting him as the only possible future goalie in the system for a team that was on the rise. And throughout his battle with Huet and despite the complication of Niemi’s arrival, I stood firm in my resolve – that fantasy owners should stick with Crawford. That’s what I meant by “I was right about Crawford”

        Once he was established as the No.1 for a couple of years, that’s when I switched gears and instead tried to urge fantasy owners to pull back on the brake a little. He’s not so great that a better goalie couldn’t come along and steal the job from him.

      • Paul Switzer

        Fair enough.

      • Dave

        Sorry misunderstanding….my point was the fact that you have for a while now Holtby ranked ahead of Price. Not sure what Price has to do convince you that he is the better goalie to own. Look at all their current stats now. I know fantasy is different, but all the numbers and the fact that he is undeniably the starter for Team Canada and Holtby hasn’t really played is just another reason I think its funny. I know i know…fantasy….then just look at the numbers. Price is GOD. (I don’t own him)

      • Dobber

        Price is GOD for sure, 100% agree. Only reason for Holtby was
        a) the worry about the injury (seems to be okay now so each month Price recovers a little more of the ranking he lost there) and
        b) Washington is an awesome team that I feel will win 50-55 games while Montreal slows to 47-48. Which means Holtby will have three more W’s, which is a category in all leagues. Again, each month that passes in which MTL maintains dominance will further shift Price upward.