Top 100 Roto – March 2014

by Austin Wallace on March 16, 2014

Welcome to the Top 100 Roto, a ranking of the Top 100 per-game rotisserie contributors in one-year leagues. What this list brings to the table is a clear indication of not only per-game value, but where that value comes from. Is Sharp’s production balanced or is he going to drag one of your categories down? Download March 2014 Rankings (PDF).

The category tiers will answer that question. By seeing how valuable each player is in whichever categories you are interested, you can easily make comparisons even if your league has more or fewer tiers than what is shown here. The coloured tiers, on the other hand, show which players are similar in overall value, and provides a fairly clear indicator of how far one player is from another.



The biggest news this month might be another injury to James Neal, the top roto player in this format. After another concussion, there is no telling when he will be back. I made the decision not to move players due to injury. Any information I have on the injuries will be outdated soon after this is published and I trust that you can make your own adjustments.

While Neal might be the top roto player overall, the biggest riser goes to Johan Franzen. He has had an intensely productive and relatively unnoticed month. With six goals, five assists, a bunch of shots/hits/PIMs and a plus-four rating in only eight games, he moved up 23 spots to 16th overall. When looking at regular season and playoffs point splits, Franzen and Daniel Briere are the only two players that consistently score more than they “should” in the playoffs. I bring this up because the playoffs have started early for the Red Wings, and for the Mule too it seems.

Anders Lee is another interesting case. He has 5 goals in 7 games on the back of a ridiculous 28% shooting percentage. That is obviously unsustainable, and when combined with his other haphazard categories would put him at 56th on the roto. He has a brighter future than Grant or Brouillette from last month, but 7 games does not a roto star make. Raffi Torres, who has 5 points in 5 games, is gone too even though he has a longer track record.

Tyler Seguin is one big mover (from 48th to 29th) that I don’t see relinquishing his spot for quite a while. He produces at a high level in 4 of the seven categories, and should improve in a fifth (power play points). While dominant first lines are almost always more ephemeral than they should be, him and Benn should continue to be roto forces in the years to come.



The Top 100 Rotisserie Players:

This list was assembled from a weighted average of the last three years, and players were ranked by how well they did in each (equally weighted) category compared to the other top fantasy players. It best applies to leagues with 250 fantasy relevant players, no positional requirements and equally weighted categories. It is easy to get the score that is relevant to your league though, just average out the categories you are interested in!

Other than the removal of players with few games played, this is a purely stats-based list. I don’t make any changes to what comes out of the formula; I trust that you can apply the numbers to your own intricate and unique situation better than I can. For example, since this is a per-game list you will have to account for band-aid boys and injured players yourself. Again, this is due to the differences in leagues. Injuries matter much more in a league with a highly limited number of transactions and no injured reserve than they do than in a salary-cap league with many injury slots and unlimited transactions. At the other end of the spectrum, 22 players get top scores in shots on goal. Even though a comparable number of players earn top marks in plus/minus in any given season, the shooting rates for top players seem to more repeatable. As always, comments or suggestions are always welcome at @austeane on twitter or [email protected].


Good luck in the stretch run,
Austin Wallace
Writer at DobberHockey
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Download March 2014 Rankings (PDF).