Saturday’s NHL Game Picks – December 16

by Adam Mark on December 16, 2017

Adam provides his game picks for a usually busy Saturday.

To start on a bit of a tangent, the New Jersey Devils are not the same team they were last year, and are better than I give them credit for. Every year I would like to think I have a decent idea of how teams stack up against one another, and New Jersey is a team who was flying under my radar until this week. I’m going to have to watch a few of their games to get a better idea. Luckily my lack of attention to them hasn’t cost me anything.

Moving on, if you read last week’s article, I had mentioned that I’d be eyeing the lines against Vancouver this week after Bo Horvat went down. You best believe that when Sven Baertschi dropped I doubled down, and Nashville sure delivered. By an act of the hockey gods, I decided not to be against them on Friday in the matchup against San Jose. I was fully planning on it, but immediately got cold feet when I saw the Martin Jones / Jacob Markstrom matchup for no good reason. Restraint is definitely key, and while you may lose out on a win here or there, it’s far better than over committing.

A few thoughts:

  • I was able to catch Boston’s game against Detroit this week and did Brad Marchand show up. What an incredible pass to tie the game, and then to go on to score the OT winner… 
  • I’m lucky enough to own three Islanders on one of my fantasy squads, and it’s been one hell of a week. I’m going to need a few more of those to overtake first, however.
  • As for a potential upset tonight I could see the Pens falling to the Coyotes and having a bit of a downturn prior to the holiday break.
  • Did anyone else catch Star Wars yet? Thus far my friends and I seem pretty divided. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, so I'll just say that I was disappointed. Let me know what you thought below!

On to today’s games:

Personal Record: 78-62 (56%)

Dobber Record: 36-24 (60%)

New York @ Boston (5:00 PM EST)

Pick: Boston – Home Team Victory – H

Confidence Level: 4.5/5


Dallas @ Philadelphia (7:00 PM EST)

Pick: Philadelphia – Home Team Victory – H

Confidence Level: 3.5/5


Winnipeg @ St. Louis (7:00 PM EST)

Pick: Winnipeg – Visitor Team Victory – V

Confidence Level: 3/5


Columbus @ Carolina (7:00 PM EST)

Pick: Columbus – Visitor Team Victory – H

Confidence Level: 4/5


Anaheim @ Washington (8:00 PM EST)

Pick: Washington – Home Team Victory – V

Confidence Level: 5/5


Nashville @ Calgary (10:00 PM EST)

Pick: Nashville – Visitor Team Victory – V

Confidence Level: 4/5